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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


White space clearing altar cloths and colourizers

White space clearing altar cloths

When doing a space clearing ceremony, begin by laying a white tablecloth on the table you will be using for your altar. Ideally use a brand-new tablecloth, or at least one that has never been used for anything else before. Between space clearings, keep it with your space clearing kit rather than just throwing it into a drawer with mundane items.

The next item to lay on the altar is the altar cloth. The most popular altar cloth colour, by far, is white. It also happens to be the most difficult to make. There are only four weavers in Bali who are skilled enough to create them.

When to use a white altar cloth

White is used in a space clearing ceremony when you want to bring in the frequencies of clarity, simplicity, and purity. It is the combination of all colours in the visible spectrum.

  • Clarity: For situations where you need to make decisions and move forward in life.
  • Simplicity: For situations where you need to unravel a situation that has become too complicated.
  • Purity: Purification lies at the heart of space clearing, and many religions use white as a symbol of spiritual purity. It’s also widely associated in many cultures with the quality of cleanliness. It’s therefore a good choice for any space clearing ceremony. You can’t go wrong with white.

Made of cotton silk interwoven with gold metallic thread and small bursts of colour, the weave of these white altar cloths reflects this special quality.

White altar cloths are available in large, small, and miniature sizes.

When to use a white colourizer

White colourizers

There’s no need to use a white colourizer if you’re using a white altar cloth. That would be an unnecessary duplication. However, you can certainly use a large or small white colourizer with an altar cloth of a different colour if purity, clarity, or simplicity is one of the focuses of the ceremony you are doing.

For example, if your main focus is prosperity and you need to gain more clarity about how to improve your financial situation, an excellent choice would be a purple altar cloth to bring in the frequencies of prosperity and empowerment, with a white colourizer to highlight the frequency of clarity.

White colourizers are available in large and small sizes.

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