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Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Professional Space Clearing Practitioner Training

led by Richard & Karen Kingston

Space clearing altar

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings.

Karen first started developing space clearing in 1978 and taught her first Professional Space Clearing Practitioner Training in 1996. Richard has co-led the trainings since 2005 and has been at the leading edge of all the developments in space clearing since that time.

There is a huge difference between the level of space clearing described in Karen’s million-copy bestselling book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, and the knowledge and skills required to be a professional space clearing practitioner. The training calls for people of a very high calibre, who are committed to space clearing as a spiritual path and have done many years of personal work to develop the necessary levels of perception and subtle body structures to be able to master the skills.

We offer the highest standard of space clearing practitioner training available anywhere in the world and we are recognized as the world’s leading experts in this field.

The training

The training is currently in four parts, spanning approximately 12 months:

Part One: A 10-day residential intensive that includes 3 onsite case study consultations
Part Two: 6 months of case study tuition conducted by email and skype
Part Three: A 7-day residential intensive to learn more advanced techniques
Part Four: 3 months of study and practice conducted by email and skype

Total tuition time: 300 hours

After completing the training, practitioners have direct access to us via email and video calls, and access to a special message board for space clearers where we exchange news and updates relating to space clearing and related topics.

Prerequisites for the training

The first step for anyone who wishes to train as a space clearing practitioner is to qualify as a clutter clearing practitioner, and the first step towards that is to participate in Karen’s online courses:

Fast Track Clutter Clearing
Zero Procrastination
Clear Your Paper and Digital Clutter
Declutter Your Clothes
Living Clutter-Free

If you then decide you would like to go further, you will be eligible to apply to take our Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training, which will qualify you to conduct clutter clearing consultations using our methods.

After that, if you wish to apply to take our Professional Space Clearing Practitioner Training, many years of preparatory personal work will be needed, and for this reason, the training is now usually only offered to people who have maintained a daily Clairvision-style meditation practice, done considerable IST (Inner Space Therapy), and regularly participated in Clairvision intensives for at least five years.

Most people who resonate with our work find they have a natural affinity with the body of work created by Dr Samuel Sagan and the Clairvision School of Meditation. It is not possible to understand the content of our professional training or develop the necessary skills without a substantial background in this, so places are usually only offered to those who have maintained a daily Clairvision-style meditation practice, done considerable IST (Inner Space Techniques therapy), and regularly participated in Clairvision intensives for at least five years.

However please do NOT take Clairvision courses just because you want to apply for our training. Only do so if you are seriously interested in studying with the Clairvision School regardless of whether or not you are subsequently accepted into our Professional Space Clearing Practitioner Training.

The following books by Dr Samuel Sagan are required reading for all space clearing trainees:

  • Awakening the Third Eye
  • Regression: Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom
  • Entities: Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences
  • Atlantean Secrets (4 volumes)
  • Bleeding Sun

These books can be purchased from our online shop or direct from the Clairvision School, which also offers a substantial body of study material in the form of Knowledge Tracks.

Please note that the Clairvision School does not teach the usual New Age nonsense that is often associated with Atlantis, past-life therapy, entity clearing, and so on, and strongly dissociates itself from anyone who does. Theirs is a serious, well-researched body of work that we have scrutinized in depth and that students can verify for themselves.



We do not offer the type of professional training where you pay your money and get your certification at the end, regardless of your skills. Most trainees do receive certification but it is not guaranteed. If practitioner level has not been attained by the final day of the course then it will be necessary to apply for further training.

After certification

After completing Space Clearing Practitioner Training, you will be eligible for inclusion in our International Directory of Space Clearing Practitioners if you maintain your knowledge and skills through participating in annual Continuing Professional Development courses. You will NOT be qualified to teach space clearing. That requires a completely different training that we have taught in the past but are not offering at the present time.

Dates of the next training

The best way to make sure you hear when future trainings are announced is to subscribe to receive Karen Kingston’s free monthly newsletters.

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