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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Code of Ethics

The Clear Space Living School of Space Clearing

All professional Space Clearing practitioners certified by The Clear Space Living School of Space Clearing (“School”) are required to sign and adhere to this Code of Ethics as a condition of membership of the School.

Client guidelines

Practitioners shall act in the best interests of clients at all times to ensure the best possible outcome of any consultation.

All client details shall be kept confidential, and no information or photographs of a client, their family, their property, or their possessions shall be shared or divulged in any way without the express permission of the client.

Practitioners shall endeavour to empower clients and will not encourage dependency.

The professional manner ofpractitioners towards clients shall be positive and supportive, without making any unsustainable promises about the outcome of any services they perform or advice they give.

A practitioner shall never instil fear or put pressure on clients, their family, or staff by arousing unsubstantiated anxiety, and shall take care never to exploit vulnerability, take advantage of ignorance, or abuse trust placed in them.

Practitioners shall conduct all consultations with clients in a non-judgmental and unbiased manner, and not allow their personal beliefs to prejudice interactions with regard to the lifestyle, culture, belief, race, colour, gender, sexuality, age, social status, or perceived economic worth of any client.

All fees and expenses charged to clients, cancellation charges, and terms and conditions of working together, shall be agreed in advance.


Professional integrity

Practitioners shall provide a professional service and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the high standards of the training they have received.

Practitioners shall only undertake professional work that they have been trained to do and are competent to perform.

Any practitioner found to be misrepresenting themselves as having been trained by Karen Kingston or Richard Kingston to offer other services such as clutter clearing or feng shui that they have not been trained by them to do, or are not currently certified to do, will have their membership of the School terminated.

Practitioners may not act as a spokesperson on behalf of the School without prior written consent from the School.

Practitioners recognise that inclusion in the Clear Space Living International Directory of Practitioners or in advertisements of any kind on websites, newsletters, or other promotional media associated with the School does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of their skills or abilities by Karen Kingston, Richard Kingston, or the School.

Practitioners shall respect the copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property of others, and refrain from any form of plagiarism. Any use of another’s copyrighted material may only be used with the express written permission of the owner or within the legal terms of fair use of copyrighted material with full accreditation to the author of the work.

Practitioners shall ensure that they hold suitable public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Continuing professional development

Practitioners are required to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills by meeting the prescribed standards of annual Continuing Professional Development programmes set by the School.

Laws and regulations

Practitioners shall comply with all existing national, state, and local laws, and all building, civil, criminal, and general business procedures applicable in all the jurisdictions in which they practice. This includes the procurement of any necessary work visas, and the declaration and payment of all applicable taxes. 

Practitioners shall comply with all data protection laws in the jurisdictions in which they practice.

It is recommended that practitioners who intend to work with vulnerable clients submit themselves first for checking by safeguarding organisations in the jurisdictions in which they intend to practice.

The Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing is a trading name of Clear Space Living Ltd

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