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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Richard Kingston

Written by Karen Kingston

He’s six feet tall, quintessentially Australian, and has the most advanced skills of any practitioner who has ever trained with me.

Richard has been at the leading edge of every major development in my work since 2005.

We run our company together, write books, teach online courses, and lead professional clutter clearing and space clearing practitioner trainings.

Richard Kingston

Richard Kingston's background

At the age of 16, Richard found himself with two possible career paths, each of which he could have happily pursued. One was to become a chef. The other was to become a racing car driver. He’s retained his passion for cars and driving to this day but the profession he chose at that time was to become a chef.

Over the next seventeen years, he worked in many 5-star establishments in Australia and Europe, ran two of the premier restaurants in Sydney, and for five years he was the private chef for one of the wealthiest Italian families, working on their private yacht and residences in elite locations around Europe. With an unlimited budget, he would often create 30-course dinners for the family and their guests, and would rise to the challenge of cooking any dish their hearts desired.

In 2002, his career took off in a different direction when he set up an organic food distribution company working with local biodynamic farmers, selling quality produce to the top chefs in Sydney. He then moved on to manage a 2,400-acre meditation retreat centre in the Australian bush, where he lived in a rustic farmhouse, grew organic vegetables, and from time to time created jaw-dropping gourmet meals for astonished meditators.

It was there that he first heard about me, when I was invited to attend a retreat at the centre. ‘Karen Kingston is coming!’, the other residents told him, as they busily cleaned, tidied, and clutter cleared before I got there. Apparently, I often have this effect on people. But not on him. He wasn’t phased at all. For months I’d been hearing about a mysterious man who had been repairing the farmhouse and clutter clearing the property on a massive scale, taking over twenty truckloads of junk to the local tip. Interesting, I thought.

We met in 2004, married in 2006, and moved to Bali together that year. Richard became the General Manager of the hotel and conference centre I designed and built in East Bali, and quickly transformed the restaurant into the most popular venue in the area. Word quickly spread and people would drive a six-hour round trip from one side of the island to the other just for dinner.

In 2010, we moved to the UK for seven years, then to Australia for three years. In March 2020 we moved back to England, which is now our permanent home.

Space clearing

Richard had the most exacting space clearing practitioner training of anyone I’ve ever certified because I didn’t want anyone to ever be able to say that I cut him any slack on account of him being my husband. His space clearing skills, in some aspects, surpass mine. He created all the beautiful examples of altar designs you can see in our online shop, and it is Richard rather than me who teaches this aspect of the work in the professional trainings we lead.

Clutter clearing

In my Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui book, I mention that twice in my life I have dumped everything I owned and started again. Richard is the only person I’ve ever met who has done this more than me – three times in all. He loves and cares for the things he owns but has no attachment to them at all.

We developed our entire clutter clearing practitioner training together and Richard then went on to pioneer  the development of online clutter clearing sessions. His audacious Aussie sense of humour and disregard for social conventions allows him to work with clients at a very deep level to help them source their clutter issues. He also has a great way of making the process feel easy, simple, and enjoyable.

Online Clutter Clearing Sessions

For expert help to clear all types of  physical clutter

Online Personal Insight Sessions

For expert help with mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of clutter

Onsite Clutter Clearing Sessions

Hands-on clutter clearing help for homes and businesses

Kick-Start Clutter Clearing Classes

A series of 4 weekly 90-minute classes taught via Zoom. A maximum of 12 participants per class.

Not sure which option to choose?

Book a free 10-minute Zoom chat with Richard to get clarity about what will work best for you.

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