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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Space Clearing Client Testimonials - Richard Kingston

Here’s a selection of testimonials from Richard’s clients…

There have been LOTS of significant changes in our lives and I must say that it's all been for the better. There's just so much going on. Our relationship and both our careers have been going outstandingly well, especially my partner's. We both liked the space clearing very much.
Paul & Kim
The space clearing was just awesome and initiated amazing shifts in my life. As a result of what transpired during our ceremony, everything within me shifted. You reminded me of how much I love my husband and how much he loves me. I was blown away by the whole ceremony that you did for us. Your commitment to it, your organisation, your professionalism, and the painstaking detail to everything. You were nothing short of amazing.
Life has ultimately turned upside down since we had the space clearing but I am so pleased to report that I haven't been this happy in many, many years. I feel for certain that space clearing had a big role to play in these events and in my present period of extreme contentment. I would like to again say thank you and wish you well.
Louise R.
New Zealand
I really enjoyed the whole ceremony and loved the fact that both my husband and son were present and open to a new and different experience. It felt and still feels as though all the old blockages in our home are gone and we can now work on the future. I want to thank you for such a wonderful and unforgettable experience.
NSW, Australia
Thank you for space clearing our home. Your ability to accurately identify personality traits in me and my family, just from tuning into the energies of our belongings was amazing. I am already aware of subtle changes for the better.
Sydney, Australia
Since you space cleared my flat it has been an interesting ride. I think my fears just bubbled up to the surface and I was forced to face them. Now that I am being more in tune with myself my trust has really blossomed. The space clearing was a lovely experience. It was an important part of a turning point in my life.
During the ceremony, I was excited and curious to learn what was imprinted in the walls of my house. I was very emotional when standing in front of the altar, having the sense that this is real, this is special, this is so unique and it is for me.
Blue Mountains, Australia
We all felt much calmer and more at peace after this most beautiful ceremony. I asked you to clear the house for sale, as our time here is finished and we all would like to move on. By the way, the house has SOLD! Thanks a lot.
Bali, Indonesia
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