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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

Example of an altar created with a Large Full Space Clearing Kit
Example of an altar created with part of a Grand Full Space Clearing Kit

The Grand Space Clearing Kit is the most versatile kit there is, suitable for all situations. It can be used to create altars for both large and small homes, and is designed for those who would like to do space clearing ceremonies not just for themselves but also for close friends and relatives.

Building size: Any size, providing individual rooms do not exceed the sizes below
Room size: Up to 1000 square feet or 500 square metres

The kit contains:

  • 1 Large Space Clearing bell
  • 1 Small bell stand
  • 1 Large altar cloth (white)
  • 1 Small altar cloth (choice of white, purple, or red
  • 1 Set of 9 large colourizers
  • 1 Set of 9 small colourizers
  • 1 Harmony ball & stand
  • 1 Harmony ball with 3 harmony balls

How to create a space clearing altar

Grand Full Space Clearing Kits

Available in a choice of three altar cloth colours:

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