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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Reviews

Other people's clutter

Inspiring others to clutter clear

I have just read your book. I’m manic with my clutter, as in I don’t have any. Other than a messy drawer in my flat the only out of control room is my daughter Alice’s room – this happens to be the Wealth area. Now, showing her the book, she has taken to clearing clutter with a vengeance. Alice is 13 years old and has already developed clutter bug tendencies. I now hope with thoughts on her mother’s money pile or lack of it we can nip this in the bud.

I have also given the bug to a very close friend and it has made him realize why he is not moving forward in all areas of his life! The main concern he has is why our relationship never moves past just friends. The book answered his question and my prayers.

A huge thank you as it feels like after years of being labelled a nutter for never keeping junk I’m now seen as being open, normal etc. – Vicki D., UK

My husband is moving clutter out so fast

My husband and I both have just read and re-read your book on clearing clutter. I have tried for over a year to encourage him to unload some of his mental baggage and holdings. I read the book and read a few paragraphs out loud and he was ignited on fire like I have never seen. He is moving clutter out so fast and so much of it neither of us could believe it. He has so much more energy and is finally taking the time to actually finish the book!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Stephanie, USA

My husband is clearing out his toolbox

This is truly amazing as it is the first time in about 10 years!!! This may sound weird, but I am noticing a glow in my house. Seriously, it’s as if everything is shining. My home is becoming a truly lovely place to live in. All since clutter clearing began. What an inspiration. – Rae, South Africa

Husband and wife clutter clearing together

I am re-reading Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui for the fifth time, and every time I discover new things in it. It is very enjoyable and touching, and I feel that it came to me at the right moment. I gave it to read to my husband and now we both are immersed in a decluttering process that doesn’t seem to have an end. Actually, we are quite enjoying it and feeling the energy that it generates. – Barbara

Clutter clearing with my son

I’m reading your book for the second time in a week and it’s magical the way you have compelled me and thousands of others to action. My son and I spent three hours clearing out his room, and the rest of my house and yard will get the same treatment. It’s wonderful. – K.O, USA

Your book motivated my husband

I love your book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I am telling my friends and relatives about it. I have been reading parts of it to my husband and motivated him to clean up the garage and attic with me. We threw lots of boxes away. He listed a lot of motorcycle parts with Within 24 hours he had sold $100 and the bids are still going up. He is ready to do more clutter clearing next weekend. – Thanks, Michelle, USA

The domino effect of clutter clearing

Many, many thanks for your wonderful little book – which I have loaned from the local library – in anticipation of the ‘total’ de-cluttering of my life.

Has anyone else noticed the domino effect that happens even after mentioning some of the details included in your book? How it inspires others to take the initiative in clearing their own clutter?

I sit next to a girl in my workplace. She has asked the Manager if she can swap seats with someone as all she wants to do is leave work early and go and empty her cupboards.

And, my parents, bless them. After years of hoarding shoes and matching handbags from the 60’s my Mom has finally made the decision that they are not about to come back in fashion, nor will she really ever wear them again (she is nearly 60 herself) so… off they go…

My Father hoards wood, and bits of metal and things which ‘may come in useful’ some day. Not only has he cleared his shed this programme has given him the gee-up he needed to finish several projects that were almost, but not quite, finished.

WOW !!

Only me, now. I’m afraid I’ve been so busy reading and sharing the knowledge that I am a little left behind. Oh well, ‘Boss, any chance of me leaving early tonight?’ – Alison, England

Helping parents who hoard

I just finished reading your book with my mom. My parents supported each other’s hoarding for over 23 years – rooms filled to the top with stuff, the kitchen table with junk all over it, can’t open doors, some rooms not having doors, and the constant yelling. Saving every piece of paper, all their clothes from the 80s and 90s, their parent’s stuff, and everything I ever wore. Everything, and everything. It made them lose their home. I knew it was a blessing.

I am super sensitive to energy and I now realize why I turned to drugs and my brother turned to video games and why my parents’ marriage was so dysfunctional. Now we live in a bigger house that fits a lot of the stuff and gives a bigger space to go through it. It’s a bonding experience for me and my mom, and everyone is a lot happier. I began doing this with my parents when I was 16. I am now 23. I just wish my dad would go through the last seven years of his taxes. And I wish I had before and after pictures. You would laugh so hard and feel the joy we now know. I saw a 90 percent shift in all of our relationships. Clutter clearing is incredible. – Juliana, Canada

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