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by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Meet Christin Lungwitz Francia

Certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner
The Clear Space Living School of Clutter Clearing

Christin lives in Luckau, a scenic area of Germany located about an hour south of Berlin and an hour north of Dresden. She has been a certified clutter clearing practitioner since 2016 and speaks fluent German, English and Spanish.

A mother of two young daughters, Christin especially likes working with families and has a wealth of tips to offer to help keep children’s clutter under control. She also has experience of helping with all the other types of household clutter and office clutter. She loves seeing the clarity that her clients experience after working with her for a series of sessions, and the depth of meaning that decluttering can bring to their lives. As she often explains:

People update their digital devices regularly but don’t realize they need to update their home too to keep it up-to-date with who they are.

As a child, Christin frequently travelled with her parents to explore new places, and this still remains an important part of her life today. In her twenties, she lived in Canada for a while to improve her English and in the Caribbean to improve her Spanish, which is where she met her husband, who is from El Salvador. They lived in Ireland for a few years and also travelled widely in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Central America and South America.

Since 2011, they have been based in Germany, which is now their permanent home. They still travel when possible, and to maintain her language skills, Christin teaches English and Spanish at night school part-time.

Christin is wonderfully well-organized in her own life and loves teaching these skills to her clients and her children. She has a regular meditation and yoga practice and likes to get out in nature every day if she can, walking her dog.

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Karen Kingston • 24 June 2024

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