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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


How to Clear Your Clutter - Readers' Reviews

"This book is a gem"

This book may end up at the top of your list of most useful and meaningful books ever read… and that’s no exaggeration! Karen’s book ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’ certainly did that for me, as it set me on a path to relinquish the past and move forward in my life.

This is a marvellous little nugget of a book which captures, in skeleton form, the courses and personal consultations offered by Karen and Richard Kingston respectively.

There are chapters on getting motivated, setting your clutter clearing goal, higher levels of clutter clearing, and much more. I have taken several of Karen’s courses and can confirm that this little book is only the beginning - but worth every penny.

This book is pure, distilled wisdom. Richard and Karen Kingston have condensed years of experience into a clear, concise, inspiring introduction to their life-altering, transformational work.

Their humour, enthusiasm, and sense of purpose shine through every word. You will be so glad you embarked on this journey with them.

Words of wisdom from Richard and Karen Kingston – clear your home 20 minutes at a time and restore integrity to your life one item at a time. Simply brilliant!

This book is a gem. It should be subtitled "a guide to finding serenity and peace in your home."


‘How to Clear your Clutter’ is very clear and structured. And it was so motivating, that I immediately started to declutter my bookcase!

Karen and Richard make this book fun to read. You will want to participate in all the steps and will feel a sense of accomplishment after completing each section

I found this to be a very useful guide that gives the best advice on clearing clutter. After reading about how clutter creates stuck energy in my home (and the corresponding effects on my life), I was eager to get started. Karen and Richard Kingston share quick, to the point, practical tips that I was able to put into action right away to transform my home. The more I cleared, the more motivated I felt to continue. A truly transformational experience!

‘How to Clear Your Clutter’ is clear, succinct and inspiring. I found myself making notes on my clutter areas and creating an easy, structured plan, including a deadline, that will work for me. Listing the reasons why I want to be clutter free was also eye opening and brought a sense of purpose and maturity. I feel empowered yet lighthearted, a "yes I can" attitude, and I'm eager to begin. This simple guide packs a punch like a lightning strike.

Wow! It took me 3 attempts to finish this short and concise book. Why? Because I got so motivated that I had to start clutter clearing immediately! So, literally, while reading this book, I cleared out a kitchen cupboard, stored away a duvet, and organised a pile of clothes on my living room floor. The results speak for themselves. And now I have to finish this review because more clutter is calling my name... 🙂

From their decades of experience with clutter clearing, Karen and Richard Kingston have assembled a wonderful e-book that inspires a person to WANT to clear their clutter.

The Kingstons describe the stuck energies that surround clutter and explain that clutter clearing can free up the energies in our homes so that everything in life can work better. Clear action steps to the process are outlined in a way that prevents overwhelm and encourages success.

If you have been procrastinating around clearing your clutter, read this e-book to jumpstart your clutter clearing journey!

What strikes me most about "How to Clear Your Clutter" is how I am inspired to start putting the ideas into practice immediately. It reads as a practical, accessible, and motivating guide.

"Concise and compact"

‘How to Clear Your Clutter’ is a jewel of a book that is so simple and concise, yet it can literally change your life. From short paragraphs on motivation, goals, and systems of clearing out your mess, the booklet takes you step by step to advanced clutter clearing and the dimensions of aligning to higher parts of yourself through the process!

What a fabulous book. It's comprehensive, clear and concise. It's written in a very personable, supportive and encouraging way, and clearly shows how detrimental physical clutter is. Then it guides you through clearing the clutter to allow you and your life to flow freely again.

This concise guide reflects the clarity and simplicity Richard and Karen Kingston can help you achieve. Their techniques to develop your clutter clearing ability or "muscle", and their wisdom and care, will help you escape the grasp of our consumer culture and bring a lightness to your life. The global camaraderie of the online classes is most helpful too.

I really like this book. I appreciate its straightforwardness, simplicity, and minimalist approach.

‘How to Clear Your Clutter’ is a concise combination of insightful information regarding how and why we accumulate clutter, and exactly what needs to be done to rid ourselves of it. By the end of the book, you will understand that clutter clearing is not a once-in-a-lifetime event, but a valuable lifestyle choice to cultivate and maintain.

This simple, concise and authentic approach is brimming with genuine heart and optimism to help you move forward with your life. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

‘How to Clear Your Clutter’ is a concise guide that is easy to read and full of inspiring tips to help you tackle your clutter. I especially liked the discussion about how clutter is a symptom of stuck energy -- when you tackle your clutter, you free up energy to move forward in your life. The time-management technique called "timeboxing" and the use of "transit" and "dilemma" boxes are things I plan to implement.

There's a lot to this guide that is foundational to much of the authors' other work. Spend time with it and you are sure to come away inspired.

"A great introduction"

This book is amazing, providing a well-written and comprehensive introduction to the topic of clutter clearing.

I will be getting a copy of this book for my Dad along with a 20-minute timer, as he has much clutter to clear. The book is written in such a way that I feel he will resonate with the words and help him move forward to clear his own clutter.

This step-by-step approach is a “must read” for anyone who truly wants guidance and support with clutter clearing.

This concise book contains a lot of practical and useful tips to make your clutter clearing journey fun and successful. It’s good for a clutter clearing beginner who doesn't know where to start and also for anyone who has already taken Karen's online courses, as it serves as an excellent quick reference guide.

This concise book is a great introduction to the wealth of wisdom that Karen and Richard have to share. Starting with the practices outlined here, I've embarked on a clutter clearing journey that has finally started to open up and improve all aspects of my life.

The book does what it says! It guides you through the process of how to clear your clutter in a clear, concise, and – most importantly – practical and doable way. There's enough information to get you started but not so much that you feel overwhelmed.

This book is a great introduction to Karen and Richard’s methods for clutter clearing your home, making the process easier, more enjoyable and more life enhancing than you could think possible. Having also participated in Karen’s online courses I can vouch that the method described in the book is easy to follow, manageable, and effective. You really don’t have anything to lose… apart from a lot of clutter!

This is a wonderful start to the clutter cleaning journey. While all the "stuff" can be incredibly overwhelming, this book simplifies the process with tools for success. Making a plan, accessing the problem areas, and focussing on one area is a good way to make progress without creating a bigger mess. The Clutter Test is easy to follow. It was very helpful to be able to deal with a pile of stuff and have the Dilemma Box handy.

The courses listed at the end are a great way to fine tune and reinforce the benefits of clearing your clutter. The best part is letting it all go! It is amazing what comes into your life when you make room for it.

"A comprehensive guide"

Beautiful! A clutter-free guide to decluttering everything from kitchen spatulas to family heirlooms. This brief guide has you start with your 'why' and then take tangible action steps such as making lists, physically assessing your spaces, and even calculating the percentage of clutter in your home. 'The Clutter Test' on its own is insightful and an incredible boon to decision-making, and the other simple tests/systems introduced lead you step-by-step through the clutter clearing process.

‘How to Clear Your Clutter’ is a concise combination of insightful information regarding how and why we accumulate clutter, and exactly what needs to be done to rid ourselves of it. By the end of the book, you will understand that clutter clearing is not a once-in-a-lifetime event, but a valuable lifestyle choice to cultivate and maintain.

I enjoyed every little bit of the book and could not put it down. The writing is clear and the steps self-explanatory. Amazing that such a comprehensive guide can be done in such a short form. Excellent. Highly recommend.

This book offers incredibly useful strategies for clearing clutter, as well insights into why many of us accumulate so much clutter in the first place. Karen and Richard's combined experience and expertise shine through in this quick and motivating read.

I really appreciate the clear, concise, and focused content in this book. It energizes and inspires me to work on my clutter clearing journey and is brief enough that I spend more time decluttering than reading!

"Gets results"

I have read Karen's other books and taken a few of her online courses. I have used the method of decluttering outlined in this book and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. This system works! I strongly encourage you to read this book and give it a try.

I've taken some of Karen's online courses and they have been life changing, as have Richard's Personal Insight sessions. If you find yourself reading this review, I would say read this book and take action. Take a course or simply read the free articles online. You will learn so much and make more space, on every level, for you.

The best remedy for anyone who feels overwhelmed by owning too many things.

I have used the lessons that I have learned from Karen and Richard to streamline my home and my daily life. They have made a powerful difference in my daily habits. I have changed the way I see the world and I value the sense of clarity that I have, both in my home and my life, from learning these powerful lessons.

After I sorted and decluttered everything, I feel more alive, aligned with myself, and happy. I got my life back!

Over the past two years, I have taken several courses with Karen and can assure you that magic does happen once you rid yourself of your clutter.

"A perfect complement to Karen's book and courses"

I plan to refer back to this book any time I need a push in the right direction but don't have time for a full reread of Karen’s ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’ book.

This book is the perfect practical complement to ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’ because it’s focused on the how-to and the specific steps in a short form that I can reference when I am about to start a clutter clearing session.

It also incorporates some energy management techniques that are not in the longer book but are in one of Karen’s courses that I took and were a game changer for me.

If you want delve further, this book has links to further books and courses. Having taken a number of the online courses, I highly recommend them. They are enjoyable, informative, extremely thought-provoking, and have helped me enormously. Once you start developing your clutter clearing “muscle”, it becomes easier and – dare I say it – even enjoyable!

Having read the longer book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, this book was a compact reminder of some of her best tips.

If you like this book, I would encourage you to not stop here, as it’s just a simple taste of Karen's advice. For me, the magic of the full book ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’ is that it connects the "how to" with the "why to". If you're already feeling fully motivated, or have read that book and need a refresher for getting going again on your clutter clearing journey, this smaller guide will give you some actionable tips for doing so.

I have always appreciated Karen’s ability to get right to the heart of why and how to clutter clear. Her directness is delightfully refreshing. This book is no different. It gives you the basics to get started removing your clutter. The energy boost you get (from removing clutter) never ceases to amaze me! It also is an excellent reminder of the info she shares in her book and her online courses. I highly recommend it.

If you enjoy this book and find it as motivating and useful as we hope you will, we warmly invite you to post a review to the site you buy it from. Thank you!

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