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by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Geopathic Stress

Waking up tired

by Karen Kingston

What is geopathic stress?

If you wake up groggy every morning, even if you’ve had enough sleep, or you become sick and no treatment seems to work, there’s a strong possibility the cause may be geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress is the name given to the harmful effects of unstable or disrupted natural electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth. Extensive research in Europe over the last 80 years has led many experts there to conclude that being exposed to these rays for extended periods of time can weaken one’s immune system and increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

In the process of compiling her authoritative book, Earth Radiation, Käthe Bachler dowsed over 11,000 beds in over 3000 homes in 14 countries and presents very convincing evidence to this effect. Similarly, Dr Hager of the Scientific Association of Medical Doctors conducted a huge survey of the houses of 5348 people who had died of cancer in the town of Stettin in Poland and established that strong earth rays crossed their homes in all cases. Myalgic encephalomyeltis (ME), multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic depression, suicide, cot deaths, high blood pressure, and many other serious ailments have also been linked to geopathic stress.

Such a huge body of evidence has been built up in Germany, Austria, and France that many medical doctors now routinely do dowsing themselves or enlist the help of qualified dowsers to test that their patients’ beds are safely positioned, and some Austrian authorities insist that plots of land are dowsed for harmful earth rays before they will give planning permission for certain kinds of buildings to be erected.

Earth lines form global grids, so they exist everywhere. The Hartmann Net runs north-south and east-west, in the same directions as our lines of latitude and longitude. The Curry Grid runs north-east/south-west and south-east/north-west. The most harmful effects are at the intersection points of these grids.

Earth energy distortions due to the movement of underground water streams can also cause majr health problems, especially at points where two underground streams cross at different levels.

How to check for geopathic stress in your home



The easiest way to check for geopathic stress is to employ the services of a professional dowser. Since some dowsers are more accurate than others, I usually recommend that people have their homes checked by three dowsers independently and only act on the information that they all agree on.

Avoid anyone who claims to be able to dowse from a distance. This method is very convenient for a dowser because they can do it from their armchair. It’s appealing to the client, too, because it costs less. However, distant dowsing is notoriously unreliable. I have seen some terrible advice given by professionals who use this method. It is not to be trusted. The reason this doesn’t work is because dowsing is not a psychic skill. It requires the development of specific subtle body structures that cannot be operated effectively from a distance.  Visiting a property in person is essential.

Dowsing is such a life-changing skill to have that you may want to consider learning how to do it yourself, if you are willing to do the personal work to develop the specific subtle body structures that it requires. The best method is to use L-shaped rods. You can find detailed information about this in Chapter 12 of Samuel Sagan’s book Awakening The Third Eye. A practical introduction to the skill is also included in each Awakening The Third Eye course taught by the Clairvision School.

How you sleep in your bed

The way a person sleeps in their bed can often give clues to the presence of geopathic stress. In one client’s house, I discovered through dowsing that both the mother and teenage son had earth lines crossing lengthways through their beds. In the mother’s case, the line neatly dissected her king-size bed in two, and she confirmed that although she had slept alone ever since she had had the bed in that position, she never ever wanted to sleep in the middle of the bed. In the case of the son, he too admitted that he only ever slept on one side of his bed, which turned out to be the side that was free from geopathic stress.

People who are sensitive intuitively move away from geopathically stressed areas in their sleep. I have often had this confirmed by parents who find their baby or young child scrunched up at one end or one side of the bed every morning. They are trying to escape from harmful earth lines crossing through a section of the bed. Parents need to take note of this and immediately move the bed. Other clues are if the child frequently has nightmares, wakes up crying in the night, or wets their bed. There may be other causes involved, but geopathic stress should be investigated.


Cat on bed

Cats adore earth lines and thrive on them. Dogs have a total aversion to them. 

If your cat loves sleeping in a certain spot, it usually means that is not a good location for you to spend long periods of time. However, if your cat loves sleeping on your bed, it does not always mean there must be an earth line in that area because domesticated cats sometimes choose warmth, comfort, and closeness to their owner above the delights of lying on earth lines. If you want to check this, move your bed to see if the cat moves with it or prefers to stay in the location where the bed was.

This, incidentally, explains why pets sometimes will not sleep in their baskets. If your cat or dog won’t sleep in the spot you have placed their bedding, try moving it until you find a place where they will settle.

Earth line seekers and avoiders

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites thrive on earth lines. They naturally congregate there and rapidly multiply. Ants, termites, bees, and wasps always prefer to site their nests at points where harmful earth lines cross.

Chickens, ducks, and most birds, on the other hand, do not thrive in areas where there is geopathic stress and will usually become ill or even die.

One client I visited had bought a bird and hung its cage in a corner of her sitting room. It soon died, cause unknown,  so she replaced it. That one died too, and the next one. At this point she gave up on the idea of having a bird in the house. She told me this after I had dowsed the area and found a crossing point of earth lines in that particular corner of the room. If she had only placed the cage a short distance away, the birds need not have died.

Some trees do not thrive in geopathically stressed areas and will either contort unnaturally in an attempt to grow away or will develop cancerous growths and die. Fruit trees may blossom but never produce fruit. Cut flowers, when placed in areas that are geopathically stressed, will last only half as long as they normally would. Mechanical equipment placed over harmful earth lines frequently breaks down and light bulbs repeatedly blow.

Remedies for geopathic stress

The best remedy for geopathic stress is to position your furniture so that your bed, desk, favourite armchair, etc, are all in geopathically stress-free positions. Avoidance is always the best policy.

I do not subscribe to the practice of diverting or clearing geopathic stress through such techniques as earth acupuncture. Diverting is unethical (you may be OK but how will your neighbours be affected?) and causes convolutions of planetary energy flows. Some types of geopathic stress clearing can help to relieve toxic build-ups, but the notion of entirely clearing geopathic stress makes no sense at all. It is the Earth’s method of releasing toxic energies.

These quick-fix techniques are also not a permanent solution. Just as one session of acupuncture on the human body does not magically cure all ills, earth acupuncture is not a magical cure-all either. It may seem to work for a while, but it will need regular checking and re-doing. I would certainly never trust my own health or the health of my loved ones to this technique, and I have seen the lives and health of many people suffer greatly as a result of placing their trust in practitioners of this method.

Gadgets that are supposed to eliminate geopathic stress are also a waste of time and money, in my experience. I have dowsed homes where these have been installed – usually at considerable expense – and they do not resolve the problem at all. At best, they may mask the symptoms for a while.

I repeat: Avoidance of earth lines is always the best policy. If the design of your home makes this impossible, do the best you can in your current situation and find a way to move to a new and better home as soon as you can.

I do not have a list of recommended dowsers (so please don’t ask!), but I hope the information on this page will help you to be more discerning if you decide to look for someone to check your home for geopathic stress.


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