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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Testimonials: Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training, Part Two

Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training

This training went way beyond my expectations! I did not know it was possible to learn this much in such a short time. I feel confident in knowing that I can now provide a service that facilitates meaningful change in clients through clearing clutter.

I loved all the teaching that was passed through reading everyone's case studies. I loved that we all learned as a group, and all the support I always felt from Karen, Richard, and all the trainees.

I have thoroughly deepened my experience of helping others clutter clear. Along with systems, I have learned so much about why people accumulate clutter and ways to help them see the reasons themselves. A space of integrity has been passed that has me looking at all the ways I am living my life. I highly recommend this training.

This training is such a high-level training that you can't help but emerge as a very effective Clutter Clearing Practitioner if you keep an open mind and do the work. Karen leads you warmly and skillfully through a powerful learning process.

I am not the same person who signed up for the first online course - I believe none of the trainees are. I remember emailing Karen that I thought this course would be life-changing. I had no idea. An interesting thought after having been certified is now that I have completed the training, I understand how much more there is to learn!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned so much from Karen, Richard, and my class buddies. I would highly recommend it.

I found the dynamic between Karen and Richard to be super fun and playful. I can't wait to start doing professional clutter clearing for real. Very exciting!

The case studies seemed daunting at first, but in hindsight were our opportunity to walk the walk. I learned so much.

So many things to love about the course! The highlights for me were the residential course (it was great to meet everyone and to learn face to face with Karen), the skype sessions and feedback on my case studies, and reading everyone else's case studies, and learning a lot from them.

This training is for people who are dedicated to getting to the heart of a client's issues so they can facilitate long-term change instead of just giving them a quick fix.

The case study video calls with Karen and Richard were priceless. Plus reading all the other trainee case studies was not only such a valuable learning tool, it was also exciting because they were coming in from all different locales. It is also a great feeling to know I have friends all over the world with the same interests. I thought the bond that developed with this group was extraordinary.

This is no ordinary course about helping people declutter and getting organised. Yes, you'll learn effective techniques to do that, of course, and you'll learn much more. A key part to the training is learning how to source the reasons behind their accumulation of clutter; this realisation will prevent the client from accumulating more clutter in the future.

One of my favorite comments Karen made is when she said she expected us to make mistakes because that's how we learn. That helped make me more confident when walking into sessions with new clients. Thank you, Karen, for setting your standards high and keeping them there. Excellent training!

What I liked most about the training was the connection with Karen and Richard, and their openness, patience and trust to train us, share their vision, and show us a different dimension of clutter clearing. Also, the growing camaraderie with the other trainees since the course in England. We got so close, which feels very supportive and strong.

There is nothing else in the world that I know of that is even remotely close to this training. If you truly want to help people remove clutter from their lives for good then taking this course is the only way to go. You will change your clients' lives and your own life as well.

Karen supported and uplifted us along the way, with her humor, openness, patience, and willingness to sharing all her wisdom and wealth of information with us.

This course is thorough and fun. Between Karen and Richard, you get the best of both worlds. They both teach from experience and the knowledge passed is powerful. The spiritual aspect of the training is really beautiful and sets it apart. Clutter clearing is understood as a higher calling.

The training exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning, everything was so well organized, clear and structured, and it was easy and a pleasure to learn new techniques and look at so many different aspects of clutter clearing. The support from Karen, Richard, and my fellow trainees was more than I could have ever wished for. The visionary thought and basis of this training is so strong, and it has definitely brought my life/work to a different level.

Although I found the case study process challenging and I felt nervous about being evaluated by Karen and my peers, I would not change a thing about the process because I grew so much by participating fully in it. I loved reading everybody's case studies, and Karen and Richard's comments are really thought-provoking. I have grown more than I thought possible in such a short time through reading and writing the case studies.

All parts of the training were rewarding. I learnt a lot about my self during the initial one-month online course, and really liked the residential course and meeting like-minded trainees. It was a leap into the unknown, but we were guided through each stage with just enough support, allowing us to learn so much on the journey.

I loved our case study video sessions. I felt like Karen supported me to have deep insights into my work and my clients that impacted me on many different levels simultaneously. I didn't feel judged or ashamed by my mistakes. I just felt open to learning and felt the kind and warm space she held for me during our sessions.

The training is not a walk in the park and I believe only other trainees understand the intensity of the course. That being said, studying with Karen and Richard is invaluable. It is worth the time, money, and effort spent. You can then begin to help change the world for the better; one client at a time.

I didn't realize how deep this subject matter is. The more I learn, the more I want to learn (I see that this is just the beginning). Not only is this work transformational for the client - it is also transformational for me!

There is nothing else in the world that I know of that is even remotely close to this training. If you truly want to help people remove clutter from their lives for good then taking this course is the only way to go. You will change your clients' lives and your own life as well.

The training is challenging. But it is a great journey, very worthwhile to undertake. The learning is immense in reaching deeper levels of understanding yourself, your client, and what clutter stands for. It will give you a new vision of life.

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