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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Testimonials: Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training, Part One

Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training

This was the most joy-filled training I have ever attended, and the space that was held for us provided a safety and intimacy that allowed me to absorb material in so many different ways. I also loved how thoroughly thought-through this training is. The training manual is very clear. Fabulous!

I liked the comprehensive coverage of all aspects. The training was very relaxed yet purposeful.

I liked Karen's professional approach and structure. The content was so well organized and easy to follow.

The training was nicely paced with good interaction between Karen and Richard. I liked that there was plenty of time for questions, and there was a good use of stories to demonstrate points.

It was refreshing to meet Karen and Richard, and to network with a class of like-minded individuals. The course content was presented in a very organized, easy-to-follow manner. It was a fun and engaging process, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I liked the personal energy management techniques. I've been looking for this information for years and am very grateful to receive it now. Both Karen and Richard's presences were uplifting and inspiring. I appreciated their openness to personal questions in the breaks - it helped me immensely. The practical demonstrations stuck in my mind most effectively.

I found the dynamic between Karen and Richard to be super fun and playful. I can't wait to start doing professional clutter clearing for real. Very exciting!

I really enjoyed meeting Karen and Richard, as well as all the other trainees. It made a huge difference to the Part Two training to have done this in the Part One training.

I liked that Karen and Richard are real people... approachable, personable, very ethical, and full of integrity. I feel well-equipped and confident to go out to do my case studies. The training steps are easy to understand and follow.

I know that Karen says you need to have a sense of humor when dealing with clutter, but I hadn't realized we would laugh so much or have so much fun while learning to help others to clear their clutter!

I thought the in-depth coverage of the material was excellent. The spiritual dimension to the training was extraordinary and has inspired me to go further into this aspect.

Although there was a lot of content, there was a calm, unhurried pace, which I appreciated. I liked Karen and Richard's teaching style, which was relaxed but never lost its focus.

I loved the example that Karen and Richard hold with who they both are and how they live, and the beautiful heartness among the entire group. I feel completely supported in going out to do clutter clearing with clients.

I was very impressed with the structure of the training. The whole course has been very well worked out, and I liked all the stories that gave examples of clutter clearing.

I loved this training because we got to experience the incredible space that Karen and Richard teamed up to provide for us. I felt more supported and open to learning on many levels than ever before. I did not even know that this type of space existed in such intensity. I felt it through Karen's online classes, and reached beautiful realizations through them, but being bathed in the energy in person was much more intense.

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