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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Reviews

Clutter clearing for young and old

Reformed 9-year-old packrat

This is a story from a clutter-hoarding-pack-rat-princess!!!! I’m 9 years old and I used to be a total pack rat! I used to fit in three-fourths of the clutter-hogging reasons – the ‘just in case’ items, identity, territorialism and scroogeness. I used to keep every letter, receipt, movie stub and clothes that didn’t fit me. I was mad when my old clothes got passed down and sad when I threw stuff away. I’d just like to thank you for writing your book so that I and many others could be free!!! – Sincerely, Danni

Clutter clearing 13-year-old

Even if I am just thirteen so I became inspired by your book. It was like look in the mirror, I recognized so much. When I finished the book I just began to clean up all the rubbish. I was cleaning in over 5 hours! I became very satisfied with the results. Little of it began already when me and my sister change room. I found so much rubbish but couldn’t throw it away. But finally, after I read your book I started to clean up. After that become I so much more alive. Thanks for everything! – J.M., Sweden

Teenage clutter clearing

I’m 16 years old and I bought your book a few weeks ago. I was staying with my grandparents so I wasn’t at home when I read it. But I sometimes almost wished to go home because I couldn’t wait to start clearing my room. When I read a part of your book before sleeping, I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited! Haha.

I began to clear my room the evening I came home. And now, one week and one day later, I’m sitting here to tell my story. I think everyone knows the good feeling after tidying up. But now I really cleaned parts of my room that I didn’t touch for ten years or longer! Danke!!! – Holda, Germany

Clutter clearing helps 21-year old student

I’m 21 and a fourth-year university student. I’m majoring in IT and working on with many projects that the instructors have given me. At first, I couldn’t find the way to solve and handle these much projects, so I just kept ignoring them. After reading your book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, my lazy life has changed. I have more energy to clean up my place and space. I can start over with school projects I ignored. Your book does not just teach me to clear up my place but also my mind. Thank you for letting me know how the art of clutter clearing works. It works for me! – Janpen, Thailand

From a 33-year old refomed clutterholic

I bought your book and read it cover to cover. Having been away from my job for almost three months due to depression, I was amazed by the enthusiasm I suddenly had to clear my clutter. I am encouraging my partner to read your book too. A conversation we had went like this:

Me: ‘Where did this ashtray come from?’ (knowing it not to be ours).
Partner: ‘I brought it home from work.’
Me: ‘Why?’ (we have NINE already!)
Partner: ‘We had two at work and I was trying to get rid of some junk.’

Well, as you can see, I may have my work cut out with this guy!

When we moved from our last house we had to clear the loft. Apart from the usual loft junk, there was also fishing tackle that belonged to my partner and his brother when they were boys, and a dining room table and six chairs. The table and chairs went but we still have the fishing tackle even though my partner is nearly 49 years old, and in the five and a half years we have been together he has never been fishing, and nobody actually knows where his brother is!

Thank you for inspiring me. After months I am beginning to feel a bit of enthusiasm and energy again. – Helen, England (33-year-old reformed clutterholic)

Clutter clearing experience at 64

Two weeks ago I managed to tackle my clutter problem. I had been low, reluctant and very ambivalent about my move to a wonderful retirement village on a quite extraordinary Eco Estate. How lucky can a girl be?

My beloved brother had been watching and listening to my dilemma. He eventually said, very gently, “There is a wonderful book that will help you get started and hold your hand while you confront 25 years of suppressed emotions, hurtful memories and fears the bravest of us would have shied away from.” I bought your Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui book and have hardly put it down since.

I started on a cupboard that contained smallish boxes dating back to 1985, unopened. What follows is an unexaggerated account. I broke the seal, lifted the lid and out fell a small pair of exquisite red leather gloves. My vision blurred, my pulse accelerated and my hand shook so badly I was only just able to pick them up. As I held them memories, long submerged, flooded in and almost overwhelmed me. But being a fairly intrepid soul, I soldiered on.

What completely undid me was a beautiful red handbag. As I opened it, the faintest whiff of Shalimar perfume wafted out. I was instantly transported back in time. Back to a life of happiness but also great sorrow and loss. It was this loss, never fully confronted, that I now had to deal with. On hands and knees, I crawled to my bed and lay there in a foetal position, sobbing. It took me hours to regain my composure, but I did and I’m proud to report that I have cleared that period from my life and subsequent painful periods. I feel strong and proud and able to take full advantage of the next stage of my life. At 64 yrs old, I’m ready to fly, free as an [old] bird.

Thank you for your profound book. And for being there for me on my liberating journey. – Edith, South Africa

Clutter clearing at 75 years old

I picked up your book quite by chance in a local library and I’ve had so much pleasure from reading it. I couldn’t put it down. It is so beautifully written and so very clear and easy to understand. I spent all day yesterday packing up stuff to throw out. I don’t need it so why keep it? I am working my way through the house but what I’d really like to do is throw the whole lot out and start again with new stuff chosen by me. However, at 75 years old, I ask myself, is it worth it? If only I had known about all this years ago I might have had a better life instead of the miserable life I’ve always had. – M.B., England

76-year old woman feels like new after clutter clearing

Three months ago my mother, aged 76, broke her hip. She had been depressed and very obese for quite a time. During her stay in the hospital, I went to her house to water the plants and so on, and I was amazed how much clutter was around. I suggested I would help her clear this clutter when she was sufficiently recovered. She agreed and when she was home again we started to clutter clear her apartment.

You won’t believe this (she didn’t either) but we found 6 suitcases, all far too heavy for an old lady, 12 new pairs of shoes, clothes far too small (“for when I am not so fat anymore”) and lots of junk. Well, to put it in a nutshell: she went on a diet, has lost more than 10 kg already, her depression is gone, her apartment is spic and span, and she feels like a new woman (her own words). Thank you very much for your book. – Jacqueline, The Netherlands

New lease of life at 85

It all started years ago when my mother died and my sister and I had to get her (very small) house ready for sale. I was totally amazed how much stuff she had hidden away in closets and drawers. Turned out it was a good thing for me. She had kept everything (even my grades from grade school!!!), so I did take that little suitcase and was able to make up a wonderful photo album going way back in my life, which my grandchildren now enjoy looking at! But all that aside, I promised myself that I would not impose this chore on my children when I die.

So, once a year since that time, I have gone through my two-storey house, plus basement, and gotten rid of things I no longer used and needed. And so I blissfully thought that I was junk-free. Then I read your book. What an eye-opener. Those things that held any kind of emotional memories, those things that I might use one day, those things that came to me from others, those things that were just too good to throw out, were still holding my energy hostage – and I never realized that. So, thank you, thank you for Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I feel liberated, energized, and as if someone gave me a new roadmap.

You’d think that at 85 years I would be happy to settle into a quiet existence. But instead, I am excited. One thing has already happened – when I let go of old things, the universe is ready to open new horizons. All I can think of is the glory of the leaves turning into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors just before they are ready to fall to the ground and nourish the earth. This is my autumn. – From a de-cluttered Eva, USA

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