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Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Reviews

Clutter clearing and healing

Clutter clearing as part of healing cancer

People who pull through a major upset like cancer all embrace the removal of clutter. I had a year off to fight cancer and took up the mind, body, and house clearing process as a major way of self-healing. – Vicki, UK

Clutter clearing helps anxiety busting

Your book was required reading for one of my courses in college. I loved the book and was thrilled to be able to learn all of the information you provide. It was so helpful to be able to unclutter my own home and workplace and it made a huge difference in my life. I am the author of the Anxiety Busters Program and we also have a Free Anxiety Helpline. I am constantly talking with others and giving information and advice.

Uncluttering made more room for me to do this in more ways than one. Also, unloading the emotional clutter was extremely helpful. I wanted to write to you and thank you for writing such a wonderful book and let you know that it ties in with helping others past anxiety conditions. I hope to pass on much of the information to those who contact me and recommend your book to them as well.

All the best to you always and thank you again for such worthwhile and enjoyable information.

Ronnie Freedman
Founder of Anxiety Busters, Inc.

Clutter clearing helps calm anxiety

I just finished Chapter 16 of your book and had to put it down then. I was so motivated to get started, so that is exactly what I did. I am 20 years old and my life is packed with unnecessary stress which has come to affect my nerves. I was recently put on medication to calm my anxieties. But since my clutter clearing of just my bedroom I feel better already. I ended up with 18 garbage bags of trash! Thank you so much. – Amber, USA

Clutter clearing and depression

Six months ago a friend gave me your book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. Wow!!! Such a small book has had a huge impact. I read the entire book… within four hours I was de-cluttering and still continue to do so – a monthly ritual! I had bags for the rubbish, bags for the Good Samaritans and bags for friends!

It’s amazing – my house is now exactly how it should be – simple and clutter free. My thinking has become more clear, my depression is on the up and up and I am so motivated in my garden it is remarkable! I have never been a hoarder but after reading your book, I still had a great deal of clutter and was hanging on to it for no reason other than just another bad habit.

Thank you for your inspirational, user-friendly guide to sorting out my life and showing people a way they can make simple changes at a real roots level. I hope you make millions…you absolutely, unashamedly deserve to!!! – Kelly, Australia

Clutter clearing as an antidote to depression

For years I have loved to live with fewer possessions, and it seemed everyone here at home, apart from my boyfriend, did not understand me. Always when I travelled I loved the freedom of living with only a few things, but when I brought home that idea friends and family did not like it; one friend even said she felt panic when I gave things away to charity.

Then I read your book and you clarified and explained everything so well. I felt such relief and happiness to read the words by someone who said that what I felt was not wrong – even that it was good to live with less things! I hope more people in the West will understand that possessions can weigh you down, and will experience the freedom that comes from following the advice you give in Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.

I used to be very depressed (for years I had to take medicine and go to therapists) and I am confident that what you say about useless clutter – for example how it can prevent us from even leaving our homes as it steals our energy, makes us exhausted and makes us feel there is always much that must be done in the house – can help many, many people who are willing to make a little bit of an effort to gain so much freedom, energy, happiness and sense of direction from it. Thank you so much! Bless you! – Margareta

I felt depressed until I began to clear my house

I bought a copy of your book and began to clear all the clutter in my house. I concentrated on the Creativity area of my home, since I was hoping to leave a job with a very uncaring supervisor. I applied for a job at another school district, then had a picture of myself taken in front of the high school I was hoping to teach at. It was amazing when the principal called and asked to interview me, then called to ask me to sign a contract a few days later!

I had been really depressed until I began to clear my house. I now seem to have more energy and have started working out at the gym again. I also tackled my 12-year-old son’s room, which had become a big mess. I gave away clothes and toys and old furniture, then we spent two wonderful weeks shopping for furniture and things to make his room less childish. We made sure the items were “feng shui approved”, and placed them as you suggested in your book. Now the room looks great, and I know there is no “stuck chi”.

Before, when I couldn’t sell something at a garage sale, I just stuffed it in a closet or attic. You gave me the permission to throw away what I didn’t love or need. Your book really turned my life around, and I am hoping to attend one of your workshops. Thank you for sharing and teaching your space clearing techniques in such a delightful way, and providing easy to follow steps. Please consider writing more books! – L.S., USA

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