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Why Balinese bells are the best kind to use for space clearing

A highly-quality Balinese space clearing bell is the most important piece of equipment needed to conduct a space clearing ceremony.
Balinese space clearing bells

I really do appreciate that Balinese bells are more expensive than mass-produced bells such as Tibetan bells. That’s because of the purity of the metals used to create them, the skill involved in making them, and the time it takes to produce them. Handcrafted items are always more expensive than mass produced.

But they are totally worth it and I’m thankful they exist in the world. I would never have started teaching space clearing publicly if I hadn’t discovered them. It takes a full month to create a space clearing bell, and there are only a handful of Balinese craftsmen and women skilled enough to make them. That’s why they cost a bit more.

Without doubt, a highly-quality bell is the most important piece of equipment needed to conduct a space clearing ceremony. If you use a lesser quality bell, the results you’ll get are unlikely to inspire you to ever do space clearing again. Your first time will probably be your only time.

Balinese bells are the only type I have ever found that are so effective at clearing stagnant energies in buildings and, depending on the skill of the person, can also be used to shatter astral imprints too. I’ve tested hundreds of other kinds of bells in my travels around the world. None have even come close.

The level of craftsmanship skills in Bali is extraordinary.  The island is, after all, the purification centre of the planet. And the family of master bell-makers we are fortunate to work with produces the highest quality bells in Bali and has done for hundreds of years.

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6 comments on “Why Balinese bells are the best kind to use for space clearing”

  1. Vicki

    I would like to buy a Balinese bell for my daughter but I don’t know where to start looking. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I would love for you to do a blog post on how to effectively use a Balinese bell. I bought one from you and I’m not sure how to interpret the sound it makes. How should I hold it, how loud/soft, slow/fast should I ring it? Do I ring it and wait for the sound to stop and then ring it again or should it be a continuing sound?

    I keep it on a high shelf in a place of honor. Instinctively, I always deny someone’s request to handle it. It feels sacred and I don’t want anyone, besides myself, to touch it.

    Thank you for making these beautiful bells available to us

    1. Hi Jody – I will be including a lot more information about Balinese bells in the new space clearing book I am writing and will be creating an accompanying video on my website showing how to ring a bell. I will give some thought to whether it would be possible to write an article about this in the meantime.

  3. Dear Karen,

    I would love to go to Bali with my niece who is very familiar with Bali and a yoga instructor who sets up trips to Bali for her students. Is it possible that she and I could attend one of your classes while you’re there? I will check the schedule. I believe that she has a talent for space reading and I would love to support her in becoming certified in space clearing if she likes it and does well. Where do you suggest we start?

    1. Hi Peg – Sorry but you’re 10 years too late. I taught many workshops and professional trainings at my hotel and conference centre during the 20 years I lived in Bali. But I sold up and moved back to the West in 2010 and rarely visit now. If your niece is interested to train with me professionally, there is information about how to do this on my website: Professional Space Clearing Practitioner Training.

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