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How to care for a Balinese space clearing bell

If you’re planning to buy a Balinese space clearing bell or already have one, here’s some useful information about the best way to care for it.

Balinese space clearing bells
Extract from Chapter 14 of Space Clearing, Volume 1

Treat your bell respectfully

Equipment that is used for purification needs to be treated respectfully and used only for its intended purpose. For this reason, be sure to wash your hands before touching your bell, place it in an elevated position on a bell stand instead of directly on a table, and never use it casually.

How to welcome a Balinese space clearing bell into your life

When you first receive your bell, we recommend that you create your own ceremony to welcome it into your life. This is best done alone and in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. It does not need to be elaborate – just something that is meaningful to you, using some flower heads and a candle. If possible, don’t open the box or ring the bell until you are ready to do this small ceremony.

How to store your Balinese bell

Each Balinese bell comes in its own box that it can be kept in when not in use. The best place to store it is in an elevated position, such as the top shelf of a cupboard or closet. The rest of your kit can be stored in the same location if you have enough space there, or elsewhere and at a lower level, if that is more practical.

Be discerning about who touches your bell

Items that are used for sacred purposes are much more effective when used only by one person, whose energies they become attuned to.

This is well understood in highly developed spiritual cultures, where there is always a clear differentiation between secular items and those that are used for spiritual purposes. Spiritual items are handled consciously, with reverence, and are always kept separate to everyday objects. Usually, they are not left on open display when not in use. If they are, then they are put in a special place where everyone knows they are not to be touched.

We therefore recommend that you are selective about who touches your bell and why. Certainly, do not leave it in a place where any curious visitor to your home can pick it up and ring it, or where children can play with it.

How to clean a Balinese space clearing bell

The dome of a Balinese bell is made of high-quality bronze. This material, and the remarkable crafting skills of Balinese bellmakers, is what gives these bells their excellent sound and space clearing capabilities. However, they do tarnish a little when exposed to air. This won’t affect the function of the bell, but it’s another reason why it is best to keep it stored in its box rather than left on display, to reduce tarnishing.

As part of preparing to do a space clearing ceremony, apply a good quality metal cleaner to the outer surface of the dome of your bell, using a clean, soft, cotton cloth. Then gently buff the metal to a shine using another clean, soft, cotton cloth. If needed, the wooden handle can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How to safeguard a Balinese space clearing bell

Once in a while – thankfully extremely rarely – we receive a mournful email from someone who has dropped their Balinese bell and it has lost its ring. They write to ask how to get it repaired.

Unfortunately, if a Balinese bell is dropped or banged against a hard surface, this can cause a hairline fracture in the bronze casting, and it will never ring again. The only way to repair it is to ship it back to Bali to have it reforged, which takes such a long time and costs so much more than buying a new bell that no one ever does it.

We think of metal as being strong and durable, so it’s something of a surprise to discover that handcrafted bells need such careful handling. The type that are made of cheap metal alloys and mass-produced in factories are usually hardier. However, the unremarkable quality of sound they produce means they are of no use at all for space clearing. Balinese bells are very well worth the extra care that is needed. Handcrafted Balinese bells are made from a unique type of bronze that puts them in a completely different league. So even though they are more fragile, they are well worth the extra care that is required.

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