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How to clear energy imprints in hotel beds

All beds become deeply imprinted with the energies of the people who sleep in them. That’s fine in your own home but what about hotel beds when you are travelling?
Energy imprints in hotel beds

Next time you stay in a hotel, take a look around the restaurant when you go for breakfast in the morning. How many of the people would you actually want to share a bed with?

In most cases the answer will be “none”, but in fact you just did. Not with the exact same people sitting around you, but with people very similar to them who slept in your bed before you and left their imprints in it.

Energy imprints in beds

Over the last 40+ years, I’ve developed special techniques for reading the energy imprints in objects in people’s homes. I can go around a house and read the entire history of what’s happened there with my hands. Beds are especially interesting because most people spend a third or more of their lives sleeping, so their mattress becomes very imprinted with their energies.

One of the vital skills Richard and I teach the professional space clearers we train is a sliding scale of perception relating to the imprintability of various materials. The least imprintable materials in their solid state are metal and glass, which incidentally is one of the main reasons why a front door made from either of these materials is a feng shui no-no – it is not able to anchor the energies that a front door is supposed to (wood is a much better choice). At the other end of the scale, porous materials such as soft furnishings are the most imprintable – mattresses, sofas, and so on.

Hotel beds

When it comes to beds in hotels, it’s grim news. It’s common to find layer upon layer of unsavoury energies embedded in hotel mattresses, sometimes dating back a decade or more, depending on how long the bed has been in use. It’s no wonder many people say they don’t sleep well in hotels, or wake up feeling out of sorts or not quite themselves.

During sleep our energy opens and we absorb whatever is around us, including the frequencies that have been deposited in the mattress by people who slept there before us. It’s almost the same as sleeping with them in the same bed.

How to clear energy imprints in hotel beds

If you’re starting to feel nauseous, help is at hand. As well as being able to read these energies, I’ve developed efficient methods of clearing them that anyone can learn. It’s called “bed thwacking” and it’s a modified space clearing technique, specially adapted for the modern traveller.

First, strip the bedding down to the bottom sheet and open a window. Then look around the hotel room for something you can use to do the thwacking. A wooden coat-hanger is a good choice, or a telescopic umbrella if you happen to have one with you. If you can’t find anything, then pummelling with your fists is good emergency measure, but not as effective as using a sturdy thwacker of some kind.

Methodically thwack the whole mattress for a few minutes to dislodge the energy imprints from it (as well as quite a bit of dust, usually).

Don’t do bed thwacking the first night you check in

When you do bed thwacking, all the energies go up in the air and take a few hours to come back down again. If you do this and then jump into bed, they will all land on you.

So just put up with it all for the first night, do bed thwacking the next the morning, go out for the day, and by the time you get back housekeeping will have changed the bedding and vacuumed up all the energetic debris from the floor, leaving you with a sleeping space that is energetically much cleaner.

How to do bed thwacking in your own home

The technique described here is only recommended for when your hotel stay is two nights or longer, but it can be used in your own home too, and is much easier to implement there because you have more control of the timing. Here’s a link to an article about that: Bed thwacking

Sweet dreams!

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5 thoughts on “How to clear energy imprints in hotel beds”

  1. How do I do when I stay in skyscrapers that do not open windows?
    Many hotels in Tokyo we can’t open the room windows.

  2. It must be even worse in a hospital. You most probably will not be able to do bed thwacking there and the energies will be even worse than in a hotel. What to do?

  3. Hi Elisabeth – This lack of energetic awareness in modern hospital practices is, unfortunately, only one of many examples. Medical science is remarkable in many respects, but it treats the physical carcass, not the etheric body, which is where good health and vitality originate.

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