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Clutter clearing jewellery

What can you do with jewellery that has sentimental value but is not something you would ever want to wear?
Clutter clearing jewellery

A UK-based reader of one of my books let me know about an excellent clutter clearing solution she discovered for sentimental jewellery. With her permission, I am passing it on.

She wrote to tell me, “At age 60, I had collected gold jewellery from gifts, my own purchases, and little inheritances. There were some items I never wore but still loved because they contained the loving thoughts of others or the memories of lost relatives. So I was very reluctant to part with the jewellery and selling it seemed a bad idea as only a fraction of its worth would be reclaimed. I hit on the idea of taking the pieces I never wore to a jeweller and having him make one gold bangle from all the items together. I love this and wear it all the time. Jewellers will set any stones from rings into a bangle too.”

What I like about this idea is that the process of melting down and reforging metals has the effect of energetically purifying them, as I have observed many times in Bali when watching bell-makers at work. This means that the resulting item really is brand new.

However, I only recommend it for items you have happy or neutral associations with because even when melted down, any negative associations will still persist in your mind and emotions (you can find more information about this in Chapter 15 of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui).

The energetic effects of wearing jewellery

If you are open to a more radical clutter clearing solution, you may be interested to know that I stopped wearing any jewellery at all in my twenties.

The first reason for this is that I realized I was using it as a form of emotional armoury. I observed that as I put on my jewellery each morning, I was a bit like a warrior going into battle. I was using it to make me feel more confident when I went out in to the world. Each evening, I would arrive home and take it all off.  One day I saw how ridiculous that was and set about developing my self-confidence in other ways, without the need to wear any jewellery.

The second reason is that most jewellery is made of metal or has metal components. In the process of developing space clearing techniques to clear and revitalize energies in buildings, I became aware of how this affected me energetically.

Jewellery used to be worn in ancient cultures, not for decoration but to enhance a person’s energy field. To attract the vibrant energy of silver, they would wear silver jewellery to help them do that. If they were doing a sacred dance at the level of gold, they would wear gold jewellery, particularly on the highly sensitive acupressure points of the neck, earlobes, upper arms, wrists, fingers, ankles, and toes to attune themselves to that frequency,

Since the invention of electricity and especially Wi-Fi, wearing metal has the opposite effect. It is counterproductive to wear it anywhere on the body because it amplifies and conducts all the electromagnetic frequencies we are surrounded by, causing us to become more astralized and exhausted.

Richard and I explain more about this in Chapter 33 of Space Clearing, Volume 1:

Metal is a wonderful conductor of electricity, which is why it is used so effectively in wiring. However, metal anywhere on the body can amplify electromagnetic radiation from electrical equipment and Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This can create significantly higher local concentrations of electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding soft tissues of the body, which can affect us in several ways, from inhibiting DNA repair processes to interfering with melatonin production and cellular communication.

Each person must make their own decision whether to wear jewellery or not, but it may help you to know that when Richard and I got married, we used a plastic ring that came out of a Christmas cracker, which we threw away straight after the ceremony. It was so unimportant that I can’t even remember what it looked like. Neither of us wears jewellery of any kind.

Even if you decide you like wearing jewellery and want to continue wearing it, at least consider removing it when meditating or engaging in a spiritual practice of any kind. You will be much more likely to feel the difference this makes at those times.

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2 comments on “Clutter clearing jewellery”

  1. Kathleen M.

    Karen, Is it also harmful to wear clothing with metal zippers, belts with metal buckles, bras with metal hooks, and metal glasses, etc.? Is so, is there any modification, which would lessen the negative effects? Most pants and coats have zippers. And I am looking at my plastic framed glasses; and I see that there is metal inside all parts of the frame. Thank you very much for this article and any further suggestions you can share with us.

    1. Hi Kathleen – In Space Clearing, Volume 1 we explain that before the invention of electricity, it was fine to wear metal close to the skin, but it’s not a good idea now that we live in a sea of electromagnetic radiation from electrical and Wi-Fi devices. Metal items such as zippers, belts, bra hooks, and glasses with metal parts encased in plastic are not a problem, providing the metal components are not directly in contact with your skin.

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