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by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


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Health effects of blue light from screens

Screens. There’s no avoiding them. They are an integral part of modern life. But the blue light they emit means they pose some health risks unless they are used wisely.

10 ways to counteract harmful blue light from screens

LEDs used in lighting and digital screens are wonderfully energy efficient, but they emit blue light that can cause eye problems and insomnia. Here’s what you can do about it.

Why air fresheners don’t freshen anything

Air fresheners emit a range of toxins that are known to be hazardous to health. So why on earth do people continue to use them in their homes and cars?

The problem with microwave ovens

The debate goes on. Are microwave ovens safe to use or not? After all these years, still no one is sure. It’s an experiment I’m not willing to participate in.


Imagine being Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and being so hypersensitive to the WiFi radiation of cell phones that you cannot tolerate being within four meters of one that is switched on.

Does your home keep you awake at night?

A good night’s sleep is essential to health and happiness, yet millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation and chronic insomnia. Don’t let your home be one of the causes.

The world’s purest organic paints

Once in a while I find a product that really impresses me, and Lakeland Paints is one of them. I’ve used these paints extensively for years and highly recommend them.

Why air purifying plants don’t work in our homes

Oops. I do rigorous fact-checking before publishing anything but it seems I got this wrong. Research now shows there’s no point putting plants in your home to purify the air.

Read this if you often keep a smartphone in your pocket

Do you often carry a smartphone in your front or back pocket, or know someone who does? You’re about to find out why this may not be a good idea.

The delights and idiocies of open-plan design

Open plan is losing its appeal and is now being called "broken plan" by some.

Modern furniture outgassing

That smell from new modern furniture isn't as harmless as most people think – it can have toxic effects when inhaled.

Why cordless phones are not cool

Cordless phones emit radiofrequency radiation 24/7 in your home at a higher level than radiation from a public mobile phone base station!
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