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Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Articles about Feng Shui

The best place to store ashes

I am often asked where is the best place in a home to store the ashes of a deceased person or pet. My answer to this question may surprise you!

The problem with split beds

This is what many European hotels call a double bed, even though it’s clearly two single beds that have been pushed together. It’s far from ideal for a romantic getaway.

Why wind chimes are the UK’s most hated garden accessory

Feng shui consultants sometimes recommend wind chimes as "cures" for various problems in a home. Here’s why I’ve never recommended them to any client I’ve worked with and never will.

Is your clutter worth more than your car?

How much sense does it make to keep clutter in your garage and leave your expensive car outside in all weathers? None at all, but that’s what many people do!

What dreamcatchers really catch

The dreamcatcher in this photo may look very pretty, but if you hang it in your home, guess what it does? Absolutely nothing except gather dust, cobwebs, and stagnant energy.

Why a laundry bin in the bedroom is a feng shui no-no

If you have a laundry bin in your bedroom full of unwashed clothes, the stale energy that hangs around it will affect your energy and the quality of your sleep.

5 feng shui tips for the doors in your home

Doors connect spaces and regulate the flow of energies in a building. These five essential feng shui tips will change how you think about the doors in your home forever.

Why beams are such a feng shui no-no

The reason exposed beams are so problematic is because they dissect the energy of a space. The sharper, lower and more prominent the beams, the stronger the effect will be.

12 feng shui tips for living well in a tiny home

Whether you live in a tiny home through choice or necessity, it will present certain challenges. Here’s my advice about how to make the best of it without going mad.

Getting the right balance in your home

One of the simplest and most effective feng shui enhancements you can make in your home is to get the right balance in each room between upward and downward-pointing items.

Front door feng shui

The reason feng shui experts pay so much attention to the front entrance of a home is because it’s not just the main entry for people, but also for energies.

How ceiling height affects you

Most people don’t realize how much ceiling height affects them. It can make the difference between whether a room feels like a cramped, depressing space or a lofty, inspiring one.
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