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by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Articles about Conscious Living

Death – The Great Journey

Death is a natural part of life, but even talking about it is largely taboo in Western society today. How on earth did this become normal and accepted behaviour?

How to stop wasting your time

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. But it is all too easy to fritter it away unless you know how to structure your life top-down instead of bottom-up.

Indecision is a form of procrastination

Indecision is a form of procrastination that can paralyze you and keep you stuck in a loop. It can take up a huge amount of energy and wear you down.

Do you walk your dog, or does it walk you?

An astonishing fact discovered by dog whisperer Cesar Milan, after trawling through decades of films and photos, is that no modern-day US president has ever properly trained their own dog.

Sleep Procrastination Syndrome

Do you often plan to go bed at a certain time but end up staying up way too late binge-watching TV, surfing the internet, or checking social media or texts?

Overastralization – the great challenge of modern life

Technological advances have brought about massive changes to the pace of modern life, which is now many times faster than it used to be and correspondingly much more astralizing too.

Why we get so emotionally attached to things

All objects become imprinted with the energy of what happens around them. This is especially true of personal belongings such as teddy bears that we feel an emotional attachment to.

Why background noise is not your friend

Do you enjoy silence? Or do you tend to keep the TV, radio or other background noise turned on most of the time in your home to keep you company?

Do you really value your time?

Every minute of every day, we have choices about how we use our time. The decisions we make about this determines our level of joy, fulfilment and much, much more.

How Wi-Fi can affect your sleep

Do you have trouble getting to sleep, have busy dreams all night long or wake up feeling exhausted? The cause of these problems may be something you can easily change.

Why online searching can be addictive

Humans have such an innate hunger for information and learning that we can become addicted to online searching. Infovores tap into the same neural pathways that heroin addicts do.

Why it helps to have a haircut when you need a fresh start

There’s a lot more to having a haircut than most people realize. There’s the physical difference it makes to your appearance and also the effect it has on you energetically.
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