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Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


Articles about Conscious Living

How to survive house-sitting and cluttered Airbnbs

If you’re planning to do house-sitting or stay for more than a few nights in Airbnb accommodation, these essential tips can help to make the place feel more like home.

The kiss line

An essential skill for anyone wishing to develop space clearing skills beyond beginners' level is to develop etheric awareness. A good place to start is by experiencing the kiss line.

The surprising benefits of reducing word clutter

It’s a curious fact that people who have a lot of clutter tend to use more words to express themselves. So can reducing word clutter help you to live clutter-free?

Health effects of blue light from screens

Screens. There’s no avoiding them. They are an integral part of modern life. But the blue light they emit means they pose some health risks unless they are used wisely.


Synchronicity is a term that was coined by psychologist Carl Jung. He used it to describe a coincidence of two or more events that seem to have a deeper meaning.

Why you don’t need so many selfies

Photos are such a major form of clutter these days that it’s not unusual for someone to have tens of thousands of unorganized images stored on their phone or computer.

Why sugar in your diet is like clutter in your home

There’s a wonderful story at the start of William Dufty's bestselling book ‘Sugar Blues’, where he describes his first encounter with the biggest Hollywood star of the 1920s, Gloria Swanson.

Does it make a difference if you make your bed in the morning?

Making your bed each morning may not seem important, but it can make a huge difference to your day. It only takes a minute and will be time well spent.

The trouble with ticking clocks

Noise pollution in your home can deeply affect your health and well-being. Even the seemingly innocuous sound of a ticking clock can affect you in ways you may not realize.

The art of conscious unpacking

A home is not just where you live and store your possessions. It's also where you anchor your energy and rest your consciousness. That’s why fully unpacking is so important.

How to navigate through life with integrity

Being able to navigate through life with integrity is the single most important element within your control that will determine the degree of personal happiness and fulfilment that you feel.

Death – The Great Journey

Death is a natural part of life, but even talking about it is largely taboo in Western society today. How on earth did this become normal and accepted behaviour?
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