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Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


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Welcome! This blog features 400+ articles by Karen Kingston about space clearing, clutter clearing, conscious living, and related topics.

Resolving recycling dilemmas

We live in a time where it is now possible to recycle many things that a couple of decades ago would have ended up in landfill or a municipal incinerator.

The power of tidying as an antidote to chaos

What’s on the outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside. But do you know you can also change what’s on the inside by changing what’s on the outside?

The surprising benefits of reducing word clutter

It’s a curious fact that people who have a lot of clutter tend to use more words to express themselves. So can reducing word clutter help you to live clutter-free?

Yak shaving

Yak shaving is sure to have happened to you, but you didn’t realize it because you didn’t know it had a name. Understanding it will help you to avoid it.

How clutter clearing can change your life

Most people don't realize how life-changing clutter clearing can be. My first experience of this was in my early teens, when the life of a close friend fell into chaos.

Don’t read this book at bedtime!

This clutter clearing book is so motivating that some people have suggested that there really needs to be a warning on the cover about not reading it close to bedtime!
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