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The Sunday Box

The Sunday Box is a brilliant technique I learned while living in Australia, where they generally have very down-to-earth parenting.

Children’s clutter can accumulate at an astonishing rate and quickly spread into all areas of a home. Here’s a useful technique to help to keep it under control and teach your children useful tidying skills at the same time.

How it works

When any new item comes into the home that belongs to a child, the parents’ responsibility is to help the child decide where it lives. After that, it becomes the child’s responsibility to look after it.

Each day, after the children have gone to bed, anything left lying around the home by the children gets picked up by a parent and put in the Sunday Box, where it stays until Sunday.

On Sunday, the children can take their things out of the Sunday Box and put them away where they belong. Anything left in the Sunday Box at the end of the day gets thrown away if it has no value (drawings, etc) or donated to charity. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The children soon learn to tidy up after themselves.

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  1. Jennifer H.

    You have Inspired me ever since I went to Bali with you early 90″s after seeing you on TV. I just phoned you and had to go . It changed my Life and I love all your books. I wish you and your Beloved Happiness & Health and many Blessings enjoy holiday you both deserve it .Your work not only changes people’s lives for the good it also helps our Beautiful Planet Earth Namaste

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