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Synchronicity is a term that was coined by psychologist Carl Jung. He used it to describe a coincidence of two or more events that seem to have a deeper meaning.

For those looking for deeper meaning in life, synchronicity can feel very alluring. Some people even use it as an aid to making decisions in life, since a synchronistic event surely implies that something is “meant to be”, doesn’t it?

The problem with this strategy is that it assumes each person’s life is individually overseen by a benevolent spiritual force that sends them messages via synchronicities. That’s not something that can be proven or disproven.

However, even if it is so, there’s still the tricky matter of whether someone is able to correctly interpret what a synchronistic event may be directing them to do. That’s not straightforward at all.

Major life decisions

Basing life decisions on synchronicities can be fraught with dangers because there are so many factors that can influence interpretation.

One of the saddest examples of this I ever came across was a woman who bought a house because it was in a street called Cowslip Meadows, which was the same name as the street in another town that she happened to have been born in. The clincher for her was that it also had some daffodils in pots near the front door on the day she went to view it, and daffodils  had been her late father’s favourite flower.

Nothing else about the place was right for her and her life completely fell apart while living there. She had been so sure at the time she bought the house that these special signs were telling her it was “meant to be”. Eventually she realized it was really her inconsolable grief for the loss of her father that had prompted her to buy the property. She had hoped that filling it with the possessions of her deceased parents would bring her comfort, but in fact it pulled her into a downward spiral of hoarding behaviour that she found it impossible to break free from.

How samskaras run our lives

Grieving for the loss of a loved one is normal. Inconsolable grief happens when a deep samskara (mental or emotional scar) is triggered in a person’s astral body, which is what had happened in this woman’s case.

And she’s not the only one. The truth of the matter is that most people’s lives are run by their samskaras. Samuel Sagan explains in his book Regression, “The problem is that you are often unaware of these mechanisms at work inside yourself. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you miss them completely”.

You may think you are making decisions based on logical facts or auspicious synchronicities, but unless you have done a great deal of personal work to discover, unravel, and resolve your personal samskaras, just about every choice you make will be affected by them, together with the unconscious influences of cultural conditioning, education, confirmation bias, and perhaps karmic factors too.

How to resolve samskaras

The purpose of all forms of personal work is to identify and resolve samskaras. They lie at the heart of what psychologists call emotional issues or traumas, and they can run your life, without you realizing it.

Everyone has multiple samskaras, so it’s impossible to resolve them all. But if you can at least become aware of and address your major samskaras, the rewards are very worthwhile. It’s the pathway to being able to access higher parts of yourself and soul force qualities such as clarity, joy, and integrity.

Developing perception

I’ve experienced some remarkable synchronicities in my own life. Some seemed helpful, but with hindsight I can see that others could have taken me wildly off-track if I had given them credence. So I never rely on omens or coincidences of any kind when making decisions, large or small.

The more conscious you can become of what draws you to certain things and why, the better equipped you will be to make top-down choices in life instead of bottom-up ones that will almost certainly be samskarically driven. In my experience, that’s a much surer method than relying on synchronicities or coincidences to guide you.

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  1. Christine D

    Could you tell us how to tell if it’s a synchronicity or a samskara?

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