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Entity clearing in Bali

Many visitors to Bali have been duped by charlatans posing as traditional healers or shamans. But there are still some extraordinary entity clearers who offer their services to the Balinese.
Entity clearing in Bali

Personal entity clearing is an everyday event in Bali, and no big deal. During the 20 years I lived there, I would often meet a Balinese friend walking down the street and when I asked where he or she was going, it was not unusual for the person to reply, ‘Oh, I’m going to have an entity cleared’, in as matter of fact a way as a westerner in their own country might say, ‘I’m going to have a haircut’.

The difference between the Balinese approach to entity clearing and the western one is that they are much more etherically aware, so they can feel very quickly when there is something not right with their energy. They also act quickly to remedy this rather than allowing an entity to burrow deep into their energy and nest there for years, which makes it much more difficult to see and extract. It’s never easy to clear an entity but it is certainly easier to clear it when it’s fresh!

What is an entity?

An entity is a crystallized fragment of a person’s astral body that can be released when they die. Certain circumstances, such as grieving the death of someone close to you, experiencing a physical or emotional trauma of some kind, getting drunk, taking recreational drugs, or taking prescribed drugs such sleeping pills, opioids, or other pain killers, can create a breach in your energy that will make you susceptible to picking up an entity.

In Bali, I noticed that the people who tended to pick up the most entities were men who drank too much at parties. The many precautions embedded in Balinese funeral practices means that it is very rare for anyone to pick up an entity after a death, but in the West, this is one of the most common causes.

Back in the 1990s, most villages in Bali had at least one shaman or balian who specialized in entity clearing. One day, discussing this with a Balinese friend, I asked if he would take me to experience this myself. He contacted the balian from his own village, who happened to also be a priest, made an appointment, and a few days later, dressed respectfully in full Balinese ceremonial attire, off we went.

We were met at the entrance to the entity clearer’s family compound by a toothless, wizened, old woman who was his mother. She took the basket I’d brought with me containing flower offerings and a donation for the balian’s services (money is never given to a priest or shaman directly) and silently waved us inside.

Meeting the entity clearer

Sitting on the bare concrete front area of one of the buildings was a man in his mid-forties, lean, with very astute eyes and a heart-warming smile, dressed from head to toe in the white ceremonial garb of a priest. We exchanged formal greetings in Indonesian. He rolled out an old coconut-leaf mat for me to sit on and then ignored me completely, switching to Balinese to talk to my friend, Putu, about me.

I’d already agreed with Putu before entering the compound that we wouldn’t tell the balian I could understand Balinese. It was unheard of for any Westerners to know any of the three Balinese languages in those days, so he wouldn’t suspect. I wanted to hear exactly what he had to say, untainted by politeness.

As the two men chatted, I looked around at the scrawny chickens pecking dryly in the dust, the various family members busying themselves with household tasks in the humid heat of the day, and the cute doe-eyed children peering at me through an open door.

The balian asked my friend the usual questions that most Balinese people ask. How old is she? Where is she from? Is she married? How many children? There was the usual raised eyebrow when he discovered I was married and did not want children, which he found incomprehensible. Then he asked why I was there.

Putu explained that I wanted to experience a Balinese entity clearing. He added that he hoped the balian wouldn’t be offended by him bringing me to see him, but I was genuinely interested to know and he hoped he would oblige.

They chatted a while longer and finally, the balian turned to me and gestured for me to lie down on the mat and close my eyes. He explained to me in Indonesian that he would ‘check me for any wrong energies’. What followed was an extraordinary experience that I still remember clearly to this day.

Being scanned for entities

Like a document being scanned by a light beam in a flatbed scanner, I could feel him scanning my body from top to toe with his highly developed Third Eye. He did this several times up and down the length of my body, penetrating my tissues in search of any embedded astral fragments. At one point, when he was scanning my lower legs, I opened my eyes to check that I wasn’t imagining this, and sure enough, that’s exactly where his focus was directed at that moment.

‘There’s a problem’, he said to my friend in Balinese, after a while.

‘What’s that?’ asked my friend.

‘Well, she doesn’t have an entity’, said the priest. ‘What shall I do?’

‘Just humour her,’ said my friend. ‘She just wants to have the experience. Pretend she has an entity and clear it for her.’

The balian sounded very dubious. The people who usually came to him were in real need of help. He’d never had to pretend before. But my friend explained I had lived in Bali for many years, was respectful of Balinese customs, and was a genuine seeker of knowledge. It would mean a lot to me if he complied. I could hear he was reluctant, but he agreed.

The entity clearing

The balian told me to sit up and then disappeared into the walled area that contained his family temple, leaving me to chat with my friend. An ever-growing crowd of gawping children had gathered to watch the spectacle of a western woman having an entity cleared (known as a melukat ceremony in Balinese). They knew what to expect, but I had no idea, and my friend didn’t want to spoil it for me by telling me.

I couldn’t see the balian but I could smell the aroma of incense and hear him chanting as he made offerings to the gods on my behalf. He spoke High Balinese, which is akin to Sanskrit, and at one point I heard him mention me by name and that I was from England.

After a while the chanting ceased and he emerged from the temple carrying a large red bucket in one hand.

‘Close your eyes’, he told me.

Then he stood beside me, I felt him take a Third Eye lock on my energy as he had done before, and with no warning at all, he tipped the entire bucket of cold water over me, drenching me from head to foot. It was both shocking and awakening. My eyes shot open wide and my hands and arms moved up and out, attempting to break the flow of water, but in vain.

I heard the children roar with delight, and when the stream of water cleared, I saw that the balian and my friend both had broad smiles on their faces too. My clothes were soaked through but I felt so invigorated that I, too, smiled from ear to ear.

Entity clearing in Bali

Putu later explained to me that the bucket contained a special form of holy water, made by the entity clearer. What was supposed to happen was that the impact of the frequencies instilled in the water would cause my energy to open, allowing him to pull the entity out.

‘In your case, that did not happen,’ he said, ‘because there was no entity to pull out.’

In fact, I heard the balian say to my friend, ‘If only they were all that simple. I’d have an easy life if they were.’

I thanked the man for his services, and as I dried out in the warm tropical air, I asked him some questions about how he had learned his art. He said he had been taught by the gods and by his father and that entity clearing was his calling in life. His eyes glowed as he spoke of this and it was clear how much he loved being able to serve the gods and help people in this way.

I asked if he had ever encountered an entity he hadn’t been able to clear. He said no, but added that sometimes a person thinks they have an entity and in fact they are sick, and sometimes they are sick and in fact they have an entity. That’s why he checks first to find out if there is an entity and where in the body it is located.

When I explained that in the West, most people don’t know if they pick up an entity and can live their entire life without realizing they have done so, he and my friend were very concerned about how awful this was and what problems it must cause. An entity must always be removed quickly, the balian said, as if surely everyone knows that, don’t they?

Entity clearing in the West

I lived in Bali for 20 years and met many entity clearers during that time. I concluded that Balinese methods work very well for Balinese people but not at all for westerners. We have much more complex astral bodies so locating an entity may need weeks of active exploration instead of a few minutes of passive Third Eye scanning. Extracting an entity also requires much more sophisticated techniques than the holy water drenching method I’ve described.

I’ve come across a number of entity clearing procedures in the West, many of which may be well-intentioned but are laughably ineffective, such as telling the entity to leave or negotiating with it by offering incentives. There are other methods that go deeper than imaginary conversations but can be more problematic if they do not work because they will cause the entity to burrow deeper and be much harder to shift if a more capable entity clearer later attempts to do so.

Entity clearing is a highly advanced skill, even more so than professional level space clearing. In Entities: Parasites of the Body of Energy, Samuel Sagan explains, ‘A power is required to lift up the entity, to extirpate it from the client’s energy. For this, it is not sufficient to see and feel, one needs to know how to use a force’.

I discovered thjis book in 1999 and was so impressed to find someone who knew more about entities than I did that I made personal contact with Samuel Sagan, read all his other books, and then flew across the world to meet him. We stayed in touch and remained good friends until his death in 2016.

The only entity clearers I can personally recommend are those who have been trained by the Clairvision School. Most are highly skilled, but as in any profession, some are more adept than others.

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13 thoughts on “Entity clearing in Bali”

  1. That is so interesting! Are Westerners’ astral bodies more complex because our lives are more complex? And does that mean that if we simplify enough things in our life, that our astral bodies become simpler as well?

    Also, does “complex” = “bad” in this case, or is it OK to have a complex astral body?

  2. It is the complexity of a person’s astral body (their mind and emotions) that makes their life complex, not the other way around. I often explain that a person’s home is a reflection of themselves, and what I primarily mean by this is that it a reflection of their astral body. Hence, someone who has mess on the outside always has mess of some kind on the inside too. And because the two are so closely connected, tidying up the mess on the outside has a reordering effect on the inside. You can read more about this in Clutter clearing as an antidote to chaos.

    As to why the Balinese and Third World folk in general have less complex astral bodies than westerners, that would require a long explanation about the prepersonal, personal and transpersonal levels of human evolution. If you’re interested to learn more about that, the best introduction I know of is the Knowledge Track: Subtle Bodies – The Fourfold Model.

  3. Hi Karen

    I asked for a dream sign of what I can do to help my son and the dream I got was to take him to a healer in Bali. Wasn’t shown which one!
    Did your comment pertain to entity removal only or do you feel we should seek healing only within our own culture?

  4. Hi Alex – As I explain in the article, westerners have much more complex astral bodies than the Balinese, so many Balinese healing methods don’t work for us at all. I highly recommend traditional Balinese massage for everyone but have found that westerners have very mixed results with Balinese healers. Even if you can find someone who is a genuine healer, you are likely to be appalled at the lack of hygiene. It’s not at all what we’re used to in the West.

  5. I find this concept really hard to comprehend although I know you offer an explanation through that book. What if someone has one Balinese parent? I can understand that a cultural lineage matters and that living somewhere impacts on the aura, but in my heart I believe that all humans including their auras are equal. I’m a big fan of your work but I can’t accept that.

  6. Hi Alex – All humans have the same basic structure of a physical body, an etheric body, an astral body and a Higher Self. But cultures such as the Balinese live very closely connected to the land and spiritual realms. They are more etherically based because of this and it is generally much quicker and easier for them to heal if they become sick. Westerners, especially those living in urban environments, are predominantly astrally based, which means that more complex healing techniques are required and the process tends to takes longer.

    During the 20 years I lived in Bali, the only Balinese people I ever met who had a similar subtle body configuration to westerners were those who had become disconnected from land energies by living in air-conditioned environments (people working in the city of Denpasar in the offices of international banks, for example) or the children of mixed marriages (Balinese and Western) who had been brought up outside Bali. I hope this helps to clarify this for you and if you would like to know more then I refer you again to the Knowledge Track Subtle Bodies – The Fourfold Model.

  7. These ‘entities’ are perceived as ‘elementals’ in the West, in magic traditions; they are not a soul, but a sub- or abhuman force that can invade any living being, causing physical, mental and, especially, astral harm. They are more likely to invade a soul that is suffering from degradation (alcohol, drugs, extreme negative emotion) or which has inadvertently opened itself in seances or poorly-conducted ritual.

    Modern society no longer recognises these entities. It would be very sad if the Balinese forgot them, too, and charlatans stepped in there to cause even more harm. But I’d personally rather avoid the bucket of cold water challenge!

  8. Hi Lola – I suggest you read Samuel Sagan’s book, Entities, which explains the difference between entities, perverse energies and elementals. There are very specific differences between them.

  9. Hi Karen!
    What a fantastic article! This is so interesting and I intend to find your recommended books.
    Thank You so much,

  10. Hi Karen,

    I’m a western person from Australia who is suffering from what I believe is a negative entity attachment. Its caused me a great amount of issues in the past couple of years – indeed I didn’t really understand or know what was going on until very recently. The issue started during an intense period of work / stress. I had a high level management position and was burning the candle at both ends and working myself way to hard for a period of a couple of years. I also temporarily started using alcohol much more then previously as a way to unwind and relax from the stress.

    At this time I suddenly started experiencing very disturbed sleep. Night terrors. And most specifically what felt like almost electric pain across the body while sleeping. I started feeling pain in the heart area. I went to traditional doctors which was no help. Eventually I started getting worse symptoms. I had a couple of panic attacks brought on by literally nothing at all – was just like a burning sensation in my chest which built into a full on panic state. I then had trouble, focusing etc.

    I had a kind of spiritual awakening during this period – which I believe was a higher being / angel whatever you want to call it – attempting to help. Huge influx of loving energy. I had no idea what was going on as this wasn’t my area and subsequently made some spiritual mistakes which I believe reopened me to the entity and I’ve been struggling ever since to remove it.

    I’m actually able to feel when it comes and attaches. I get stressed feeling, pulsing muscles and twitches and a crawling sensation across the surface of the skin. I’ve been searching for a way to rid myself of this so far unsuccessfully. Its been hard to find healers in the west who really have any idea at this kind of thing. The only thing I’ve found helpful for me thus far is practices like yoga, massage, prayer and also the use of grounding and protective crystals – particularly Obsidian has been helpful for me.

    Do you have any healers you can recommend. I have actually started traveling to bali. Have visited twice already for meditation and retreats but haven’t found a good healer who has been able to assist with removal. Appreciate any advice you can offer.

  11. Hi David – As I explain in my article, Balinese entity clearing methods work very well for Balinese people but not at all for westerners. We have a very different type of astral body configuration. The only entity clearers I can personally recommend are those who have been trained by the Clairvision School. Here’s a link to the Australian branch of the school: Clairvision School of Meditation Australia. I also suggest you read up on the topic: Entities: Parasites of the Body of Energy by Samuel Sagan.

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