Clear Space Living
Clear Space Living

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston

by Karen Kingston & Richard Kingston


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Welcome! This blog features articles about space clearing.

Articles about clutter clearing, conscious living, and related topics can be found here.

Space Clearing, Volumes 1 and 2

It's taken waaaay longer to finish writing these books and get them ready for publication than we expected, but they're finally here! Both books are available in paperback and ebook.

The kiss line

An essential skill for anyone wishing to develop space clearing skills beyond beginners' level is to develop etheric awareness. A good place to start is by experiencing the kiss line.

How to clear energy imprints in hotel beds

All beds become deeply imprinted with the energies of the people who sleep in them. That’s fine in your own home but what about hotel beds when you are travelling?

Energy imprints in second-hand clothes

Does laundering an item of clothing remove the energy imprints of the previous wearer? If you ever wear second-hand clothes, you may want to know the answer to this question.

How to do personal belling

A lesser-known use of Balinese space clearing bells is a technique that I called chakra balancing in my first space clearing book and is now more accurately called personal belling.

Space clearing after a divorce or break-up

After a divorce or a break-up, you want a fresh start. But if you continue living in the home you shared, the imprints of your relationship will still be there.
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